1) How before long will my things be sent?

Assuming your solicitation is accessible, we will keep on taking care of the charges to your Visa, and we will send it within 2 to 5 work days from the date of your solicitation. For extra nuances compassionately investigate our SHIPPING Policies.

2) How would I follow my buy?

We will send you an email with the Tracking Information within something like 24 hours of your solicitation giving the circulation place to the email address you gave while checking it out. This email will have all of the nuances and the evaluated date of movement. If you don't get Tracking Information from us within six work days of your solicitation, feel free to return again to us at support@ayurspace.com. You will similarly receive periodic messages prompting you in regards to the circumstance of your purchase, conveyance date, and carrier.

3) What occurs assuming the thing shows up harmed?

Moving mischief happens rarely, but for the circumstance, that any evident damage is seen on your item(s), we will emphatically replace it at no additional cost. Regardless, you really want to contact us

  • IMMEDIATELY at (405) 347-1343
  • Or send us an email with the photos to support@ayurspace.com. Make organized notes on the movement documentation and take photos of the mischief. Assuming no one minds, truly investigate our SHIPPING under "Damages" for extra nuances.